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Frequently Asked Questions

Tennis is a dynamic sport that trains both your body and your mind. The pace and rigor of the game requires you to be flexible and make split-second decisions, which can improve your focus and mental resilience whilst also keeping you fit. As a pair or group sport, turn your buddies into teammates and your opponents into friends as you practice.

During classes, we will provide tennis balls and rackets. For your practice outside of class time, we will recommend equipment most suited to your needs.

Our coaches are able to travel islandwide to any location of your convenience. If there is no tennis court near your place of residence, the class can be held at a court near our coaches.

We teach students as young as 4 years old. We are open to coach students of any age, proficiency level, or goal.

We can reschedule if it rains before the start of a class. If bad weather causes a class to end early, the duration of the next class will be extended to compensate for it.

Have more question? Reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can.